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Economic crisis, nuclear crisis, environmental crisis, textual crisis, crisis within crisis......, seems like there are endless number of crisises surrounding our contemporary society. Express yourself, freely express yourself, more, more and even more.......fact that everything is acceptable at present exerts enormous amount of pressure on to myself. This new crisis threaten my innate equallibrium and instinct. This imposed upon imbalance leads to my fear, laziness and inability and thus I’m unable to truly express myself artistically. Such feeling of complete sense of inferiority and impotence leads me to take a refuge in the order which grants me great comfort and peace. If a crisis is a direct result of kaos then crisis leads to total equallibrium through the order. At present, all the possibilities that lies in front of me makes me thirst for the order.

World is filled with all kinds of orders. ( the stars in galaxy occupy its own distinct space ) everything has its own order. Within this order, at times there are conflicts and mis-alignments. Back in January 2004 the color orders and the musical note orders converged. I realized back then there were invisible powers that move this particular order. Colors are born on palate and as they are mixed together, new musical notes representing these newly born colors come together to create a harmony. The musical notes that resonated in my memory fade, and serenity is all that is left behind, the time is stretched infinitely as if time is being frozen.

Relationship between individuals are created by the order. The relationship takes on a physical form with its own strength. For example, musical scores are result of individual notations with its own distinctive characteristics, rhythm, harmony and melody that lead to organic process and ultimately transforms into an order. From such forms, one can reduce different notes.

The process of achieving the order becomes a ritual.

I allow enough time. During those time, I spend my time making observation but I never rush myself or the subject. I cannot disassemble like a piece of machinery. I question myself endlessly but towards the subject only silence and focus are needed. During these times, silence is a virtue. As the subject repeats itself, I become very occupied. As it repeats itself, the subject of my observation becomes more apparent and clear. I search for the principles behind the actual mechanism. I transform those principles into visual principles. As its name and its characteristics become more apparent, it evolves into a more precise, and more complete matter which in turn makes the matter stronger and becomes a living, breathing matter able to automatically create itself. The drawing process is a result of realization of this forms and knowing the process involved. For me as an artist, drawing is a constant search for a mechanism for observing the world that surrounds me. One must comprehend the order in order to fully comprehend the subject matter.

gayoung.drawing is my interpretation of the answer to the eternal question “Who am I?” As an individual, what sort of characteristics do I possess? The question can also be answered by the observation of under what order do I form a relationship with others? gayoung.drawing’s order resembles the Object-Oriented Program. Individuality, Mirror, Interval, Difference, and We when each of the aforementioned terms functions according to its intended purposes, it creates a relationship that satisfy the individuality and thinks itself as being complicated, sensitive, perfect and independent. Relationship forms depicted in the gayoung.drawing do not impose its values on to others. In contrast, it does not imply that it imposes values of others onto itself. The communication is not a one way street type of simple dimension but rather multi-dimensional and complicated. This relationship, rather than interactive equal terms, it is clearly self-centered. It respects each other existence and at the same time it tries to emulate each other.

spectrum.drawing stems from my affection for colors. When I try to explain verbally to the following questions “what the color is?” or “what sort of an effect can I expect if I mix certain color with another color?” my sense of emotion seems to register the same sort of feeling I get when I’m telling a lie is an evidence of my affection and respect for colors. Colors are borne from the spectrum. Spectrum according to Newton, is a ghostly, mirage, sort of figure made up of combination of formless matter and able to transform itself in infinite combinations. Its infinite combination for transformation is a result of its insatiable desire to form relationship. Thus it seems as though the order is completely absent. The relationship of the spectrum makes it seem like a soap bubble, a formless fantastic matter.

The forms of the spectrum are in web-form and check-form.

spectrum.drawing.web’s first individuality is the Growing Self Transforming Cube (GSTC) which is located in the center between the line and the side, and shares the second and third dimensions, and the individuality seeks for the relationship infinitely. One GSTC becomes a seed and it multiples by 8, 27, 64, 125, 216 and so on in each of the steps.

spectrum.drawing.check is made up of diverse structure which is a result of the sum of equal lines formed by the X-axis and the Y-axis.

( I make the order, order makes the relationship, and the relationship makes the form.)

the beginning is easier than one thinks

rules are made

then it follows the rules that have been made

but it is not always easy to follow the rules

that is why there are exceptions in between

in the end, one must enjoy and have fun traveling between the rules and the exceptions


the order of gayoung.drawing

1. Single “individuality” reflects itself through 12 separate “mirrors” from upper to lower and from left to right directions.

As a result, 4 different categories of 9 individualities are created, all these individualities become single “we”.

  1. every time a reflection is made, there is a difference in its colors.

  2. Newly created “we” takes on the characteristic of ‘individuality” and it begins its reflection journey using the step 1.

  3. Every time it repeats the step 1 and step 3, “interval” between the “individuality” increases by two times.

  4. When the difference between the two “individuality” is absent, the process comes to a hold.


  • Single “individuality” is indivisible and is a basic unit and it believes that it is independent and in perfect state of matter.

  • Each “individuality” is internally living and independent matter, and it possesses power. This power represents the future repetitive process as well as self regeneration.

  • If the name and the characteristic are specifically indicated, each “individuality” acts as if it’s a living matter within its reality eco-sphere.


  • Mirror exists as a form in a virtual axis.

  • Two ‘individualities” face each other in a perfect symmetry with the axis in the middle. Since there isn’t any model to resemble each other, it only resembles itself.

  • The mirror repeats by expansion and it repeats infinitely.

  • The mirror neuron in my brain reflects myself from everything I see and creates a sympathetic relationship.


  • First expanded unit made up of the original “individuality” unit.

  • It retains the “individuality” functions and characteristics.


  • The difference is created by the defense mechanism of the reflection.

  • The transformed repetition creates a rhythm.

  • The number and the sympathy of the reflection is asymmetrical.


-Each “individuality” defends itself by distancing itself from one another.

  • Each “individuality” respects another’s space and it acts as a mechanism to prevent intrusion.

  • Key function is to maintain the order.



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