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Gayoung Jun was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1978. She completed the MFA with distinction at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul in 2004. She is living in New York, US since 2016.

Gayoung works predominantly in the medium of drawing, but her works also include large scale light installations.

Gayoung defines the object/phenomenon that she observes as an algorithm. And this algorithm makes a formative form. The process by which algorithms are created is conceptual and mathematical, and borrows computer languages. And she becomes a tool that converts the algorithm into a visual form. It mainly uses manual art work such as drawing and origami. So, paradoxically, one algorithm produces the same but different shape each time. A representative work series include gayoung.drawing, spectrum.drawing, and Appeared in Everyone’s Reve Last Night.

gayoung.drawing (2011 ~) and spectrum.drawing (2011 ~) begin with observations on gayoung and spectrum, respectively. And she created an algorithm by borrowing a type of computer language called C ++. She converted the algorithm visually through drawing. In 2015 She painted gayoung.drawing on a 590-inch-long wall at Maraya Art Center (Sharja, UAE). In 2016 She installed spectrum.drawing on the pillar of Facebook Korea office

(Seoul, Korea).

Appeared in Everyone's Reve Last Night (2016 ~) is a work on my experience of being in a dream of many different people in one night. Transition of space - time dimension was converted into origami. It was installed in the main lobby of the Avenuel (Seoul, Korea) a high end Lotte Department Store, a subsidiary of the Lotte Group from 2016 to 2017.

DOB 1978


2004   M.F.A in Korean Painting

           The Graduate School, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea 

2002   B.F.A in Korean Painting

           College of Arts, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition                                                                                

2016   Dream Hunter  Avenuel, Seoul, Korea

2013   spectrum.drawing  Drawing Relay Project Banjul-Schale, Banjul, Seoul, Korea

2012   gayoung.drawing  Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea

            Brilliant Cube  Avenuel, Seoul, Korea

2007   Color Notation  Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea

2004   Color Concert  Gallery Gaia, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibition

2016   Sulwha Cultural Exhibition-Once upon a time  Dosan park, Seoul, Korea

           spectrum.drawing  Facebook Korea, Seoul, Korea

2015   Please keep your eyes closed for a moment[Ana]  Maraya Art Center, Sharjar, UAE

2014   Space Gardening  Gallery Panet, Seoul, Korea

2013   Video & Media  Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea

            Secret Museum  Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

            휘황찬란  Pohang Museum of Art, Pohang, Korea

2011   Kinetica Art Fair  Kinetica Museum, London, UK

            The ARC Show  Design Center, London, UK

            Light Art  Gyengnam Art Museum, Changwon-si, Korea

2010   Over the Rainbow  Sungkok museum, Seoul, Korea

            Threshold  Art Lounge Dibang, Seoul, Korea

            Inter-nale 2010  Sungkok museum, Seoul, Korea

2009   Christmas in August  Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

            Color ×Art ×Play  Goyang Oulim Nuri, Gyeonggi, Korea

            Art&Synesthesia  Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

            SU:MBISORI  Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea

2008   Stimulatives  KIMI ART, Seoul, Korea

            Today's Korean Art-The World of Expression  Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

            Seoul Design Olympic-Design is AIR  Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul, Korea

2007   OSOC  Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea

            DIGITAL로 情을 通하면  The Ministry of Information and Communication, Seoul

2006   Contemporary Art-Light  Seongnam Arts Cemter, Gyeonggi, Korea

            Find the Rainbow Cat  Goyang Oulim Nuri, Gyeonggi, Korea

            Wall Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2005   Portfolio 2005  Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

            Five Senses +α  Modern Art Gallery of Hongik College, Seoul, Korea

2004   Vision 21–Painting & Sculpture  Sungshin Women’s University Museum, Seoul, Korea

            Daegu Textile Art Documenta 2004–The Garden of Hybridization  EXCO, Daegu, Korea

            Seven Guardsmen – Positive Power  Gallery Sang, Korea