Origami Project

2012-On Going

I define the object/phenomenon that I observe as an algorithm. And the algorithm inspires me to create the shape. I become a machine that converts the algorithm into visual shapes. "Appeared in Everyone's Dream Last Night" (2016 ~) is about the multi-dimensionality, polymorphism and borderlessness of dreams that I dreamt one day. In this work, drawings and sculptures coexist in action and reaction based on an algorithm. Papers are folded to make a curved-crease sculpture and an analytic drawing about the subject. Papers are folded to make a multi-dimensional, experimenting with the border between drawing and sculpture.
The curved-crease sculpture folds a sheet of paper along the concentric circles and connects the circles to form a band. This band, like the Moebius strip, connects the inside and the outside and has a mathematically infinite structures. 
Sculptures can be placed on the floor, placed on the wall, or can be hung as a mobile.