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Drawing Project

2011-On Going

The process of achieving the order becomes a ritual.

I allow enough time.  During those time, I spend my time making observation but I never rush myself or the subject. I cannot disassemble like a piece of machinery. I question myself endlessly but towards the subject only silence and focus are needed. During these times, silence is a virtue.  As the subject repeats itself, I become very occupied.  As it repeats itself, the subject of my observation becomes more apparent and clear. I search for the principles behind the actual mechanism. I transform those principles into visual principles.    As its name and its characteristics become more apparent, it evolves into a more precise, and more complete matter which in turn makes the matter stronger and becomes a living, breathing matter able to automatically create itself.  The drawing process is a result of realization of this forms and knowing the process involved. For me as an artist, drawing is a constant search for a mechanism for observing the world that surrounds me. One must comprehend the order in order to fully comprehend the subject matter.

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